Need To Quit Smoking? Here’s A List Of Books That Can Help

The decision to quit smoking once and for all could very well be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself! There are many methods to assist you in the quitting process, and the journey towards success is definitely different for everybody. I’ve compiled a list of three smoking cessation books that could prove to be very useful.

“How to Quit Smoking-A 4 Week Step-By-Step Guide to Quitting Smoking Naturally and Get Healthier in the Process”

This book is an excellent resource for individuals who have decided they no longer want to be a smoker. It does cover uncomfortable realities such as potential diseases and death caused directly by smoking. It gives the reader practical tips and tools to apply to their day to achieve smoking cessation for good naturally.

I think this is an excellent book to start your non-smoking journey with. Many smokers do not think much of the consequences of their habit until it is too late, or we see another person suffer as a result. This book is available to purchase on Amazon through either Kindle or paperback.

“Easy Way to Quit Smoking Without WillPower”

This book seems extremely effective in aiding an individual to quit the habit once and for all. It is direct and right to the point. It claims to give readers of this book practical information so compelling they can quit immediately without any side effects.

This book also takes on a natural point of view using your mindset instead of smoking cessation aids. You can purchase this book on Amazon as a Kindle book, Audiobook, or Paperback.

I strongly support any method that encourages changing your mindset to change your behaviors vs. buying commercial products that don’t really get to the root of the problem.

“Stop Smoking A Practical Guide to Overcome Smoking, Stop Addictions and Build Confidence”

This book gives you step-by-step instructions on how to take control of your life and focuses on being healthy again. It emphasizes the different ways you harm others’ health around you, the environment, and, of course, your own health.

This is an excellent read for those who want to quit smoking, as it makes you accountable for the damage you are doing with your habit. You can purchase this book on Amazon as a Paperback, Kindle, or on Audible.


Deciding to quit smoking is an excellent idea. I heard the saying before that “Thoughts Become Action.” If you direct enough of your attention to your goal and take daily steps to help achieve this, I believe success is inevitable. There are also many articles that you can search on Google related to this topic that are incredibly useful and motivating.

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