5 Tips to Quit Smoking And Lose Weight At The Same Time

Believe it or not, quitting smoking isn’t as hard and daunting as it seems to be. Millions of addicts overcome addiction, and you can be the next one too.

However, if you are resisting to start your quitting process because of the weight gain factor, we have good news for you. There is a way to quit smoking and loss weight at the same time completely. Yes, you read that right, my friend.

In fact, all you need is a mindset, strong will, and a few proven tips to get started.

Here are the top 5 secrets that smoking addicts used to live a nicotine-free happy, and successful life in 2021.

Set a Mindset To Change

As they say, everything starts with a mindset. The first rule to get rid of an addiction is to not think about the addiction. Yes, as simple as that. Throw away everything you have related to cigarettes. You can always start with the place you smoke the most, which can be the workplace or perhaps your home.

Throw away the lighters, ashtrays and deodorize the places or things that smell like cigarettes. During breaks, avoid going near anyone or anywhere people who are smoking. As soon as you smell tobacco, it can become nearly impossible to resist the urge of smoking one, two, three, and you know the rest.

Other than that, a few weeks before your desired date, you can watch and try various psychological tips and read success stories of long-term smokers who quitted smoking to give a motivation boost to your overall process.

Take One Huge Step

A common mistake smokers make is to create a mindset and gradually quit a single dose of cigarette at a time. Let me tell you; you couldn’t be any more wrong than this. The day you decide to quit smoking, throw away all your cigarettes, and quit smoking abruptly. Another thing worth noting is to avoid choosing dates at the beginning of the week or month since you will definitely find excuses to push it back.

Keep Your Diet Healthy

Rather than eating 3 big meals, break your meals into small 5-6 portions that you can eat throughout the day. The time immediately after you have quit smoking is the most troublesome for your body. Therefore, it is essential that you carefully watch what you eat. To do is, forbid eating after 7 pm, so you let your last meal digest completely before hitting the sack.

Avoid eating food with high fat or sugar content like chips, soda, sweets, flour products, and other unhealthy junk foods. Bear in mind; your body will crave to chew on something within 1 month of quitting smoking. Instead of chewing fruits or nuts (as they have calories in the form of glucose), go for something like a pencil, chewing gum, or pen. Although it is not hygienic or aesthetically pleasing, as long as it helps you get rid of a deadly addiction, it’s all worth it.

Exercise Regularly

If you plan on quitting smoking, there’s no way you are thinking of skipping this crucial step. According to research, swimming is the best sport you can try to work up your body to reduce your weight in no time. And not to mention the confidence exercising gives after you know you have quit all of your bad habits.

Make Sure To Thoroughly Brush Before Sleeping

It is recommended to use menthol-flavored toothpaste before sleeping to avoid craving for nicotine. Besides that, 7 hours of sleep is imperative to boost metabolism, so you avoid gaining weight during this sensitive process.

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