Creative Ways to Convince Someone to Quit Smoking

You tried the old ways of getting someone to quit smoking by telling that person that it will affect the other people in the house and that the place will smell horrible. It is a good thing there are a lot of other ways to do this, so there is no reason to lose hope. Some have tried support groups where other people are trying to do the same thing. They are all. Here are some ways that possibly no other person has thought up of:

Show How Much Weight that Person has Gained

When you continue to tease that person about how much they have gained after being a regular smoker for quite a long time, something will definitely change. Being overweight is never a good thing, as you will be the butt of jokes.

Besides, you’re going to be a magnet for several diseases, which means frequent visits to the doctor. Also, nobody would want to be with you if you are overweight, so it would also affect your social life. Add that to the fact that you will have a hard time getting children.

Show Pictures of What Smoking Does to People

It can be pictures of people losing their voice or being stuck in hospital beds for quite a few years. The only thing causing those things to happen would be smoking, and you know you will want to stop that since secondhand smoking is even more dangerous.

They say pictures are louder than words, so these things will have a bigger impact than telling that person what would happen if they do not stop smoking. There can be too many things that will happen, and none of them are good.

Tell Success Stories

Stories have a huge impact on people, especially when the person who tells them does a convincing way. Tell the story about the person who can’t seem to quit smoking but would end up eventually quitting the nasty habit after a few scares of getting his or her life in peril.

It is one of the most dastardly things you will ever experience especially when the doctor says your loved ones can only pray for your life to be extended. When health professionals tell you to quit the habit, it will become more evident it will be the path you must take since these people underwent training for a pretty long time to get where they are right now.

Now that you know the creative ways to convince someone to quit smoking, better start right now as you can’t afford to have this person smoke any longer. There is always the possibility of this regular smoker getting a stroke or even lung cancer at an early age.

They say that each cigarette takes away a minute of your life, so the more this person smokes, then the lesser he or she will live. If you truly care about this person, you would stop at nothing to make that person quit. Of course, it is a lot easier said than done, but you must give it a shot.

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